Paying with multiple Purchase Orders

This article is directed at our customers who already have an Enterprise site with us. As you probably know, our Enterprise sites allow to purchase projects with Purchase Orders (POs). What you may not know yet, is that you can purchase a project using multiple POs. This functionality will help you use up remaining amounts of older POs and keep your Enterprise's PO list tidier.

The process for paying with multiple POs is very simple: Click "Billing Information" on Review Step / Step 3 (as you always do when using POs for purchasing a project). In the edit field that asks to enter the PO number on which the project should be booked, simply enter several PO numbers, separated by commas, and submit the project. The only crucial thing is the order of the entered PO numbers. The basic principle: Small POs for partial payments first, and the biggest PO to complete the payment last.

For clarification, let's have a look at an example showing how two older POs 123 and 456 will be used up (together with a new PO 789) to pay for a project XYZ worth 1,000$. Please note the color-coding in the "Purchase Order" edit field and its impact on how the costs are deducted from the POs.


Please note that the most crucial points to keep in mind are:

  • writing the PO numbers in the edit field just with a simple comma-separation and
  • making sure that the order is right. First mentioned will be the first deducted.

If in above example the order would be changed as below, all POs would stay open, because the first-mentioned PO would already cover the entire project costs:


If there is any open questions on this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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