Project Sharing - Why and How to Share your Files

Now you are able to share your onDemand projects with your colleagues. Sharing grants access to project information and files. Individuals with sharing privileges also get language and project ready notification emails. Sharing is useful if you are working collaboratively with someone or if the project will be finished when you are away.

Project sharing is only available on select enterprise sites.


How to Share

You can share a project during the "options" step of the purchase process and also after the project has been purchased on the project details page. To find the member you want to share with, start typing his or her name in the search box. You can only share with other members of your onDemand site.


How to See Projects Shared with You

Projects shared with you will appear on the "Your Projects" page and will be distinguished by a label indicating who owns the project. You will also get email notifications when a language or the whole project is complete.

In order to allow for project sharing you need to contact your Sales operative to enable this feature on your Enterprise site.

Since v30.0 collaborators can be bundled into Sharing Teams. Read more about it.






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