Enterprise Managers - Introduction to your Site Management Options

As an Enterprise Manager you are granted special permissions on your Enterprise Site. When an Enterprise Site has been freshly set up, there is always at least one user set up as Enterprise Manager who will be able to add more members of their organization and also promote other members to Enterprise Managers. This article will give you a concise, but also complete overview on what rights and management options onDemand Enterprise Managers actually have.

Site members and Enterprise Managers can unfold the site ribbon and access the Account Information overview. 

Only Enterprise Managers can however access the Team and Payment Methods tabs available there and can Approve projects and view all projects submitted to their Enterprise site.

  1. Account → Manage Team
  2. Account → Manage Payment Methods
  3. Projects → Projects Pending Approval
  4. Projects → Review [purchased] Projects

1. Manage Team

In the Members by Name area you can review a full list of all members registered on your Enterprise site. The list view allows you to remove or deactivate current members as well as to turn their accounts into additional Enterprise Manager accounts or allow them to use the PO added to this Enterprise site as a payment method.

If the site was set up without auto-approval option for new members, then this area also allows to accept or decline new membership requestsThese requests are automatically created when anyone went through the standard "Sign Up" process on the Enterprise Site. However, please note that the standard setup process for Enterprise sites includes auto-approval for all registering users (so they are members without your explicit approval).

You can also invite New Members directly from this view. 

The Member Purchases area allows you to review a full list of all the total spend of members in a particular time frame.



2. Manage Payment Methods

This area allows to review all POs that have been created so far on your Enterprise Site. For every PO, it shows the sum of total purchases booked against a PO versus the total PO amount. 


3. Projects Pending Approval

Whenever an Enterprise Member creates a project they can submit the project during check-out for approval to Enterprise Managers. Members will usually have to do so if they do not have a company credit card available (or your company guidelines forbid unauthorized use of it) or if they have no access to valid PO numbers. They can set up the project, but then not proceed with a purchase, just request approval by using the Send to Approver button on the project review page - the 3rd step of the project purchasing process.

All projects sent in for approval are listed in this area.

You can review the projects' details and also proceed to the payment page to authorize the project by clicking on the arrow by the project's ID. This way you do not need to share company credit card details with your staff or enable PO use for them, but still give everyone the possibility to create translation projects. For every member without the permission to use POs, you, as Enterprise Manager, will always be in control over which projects are actually purchased.

Remember that the Go to payment page button is visible on the bottom of the projects' detail page that pops up when you use the arrow.

Really important here is to remember the difference between projects sent to approver and project pending authorization.

Projects Pending Authorization are projects that have been priced and are ready to be purchased. Projects with this status can either be purchased or sent to an approver for purchase

Projects with this status are accessible from the Shopping Cart view. 

Projects Pending Approval are projects that have been sent to Approver. Some buyers are not authorized to make their own purchases and they mustn't or can't use the billing and payment information buttons and they only should use the Send to Approver button. Once they use this button, the project will be accessible in the mentioned Projects Pending Approval view.

4. Review [purchased] projects

This area allows you to review all projects that have ever been purchased (and may even be still in production), along with purchase date, price, buyer and project name. Filtering options allow to narrow down the data to whatever is relevant. Clicking on any entry will allow to see more details as well as download the source files and translations. You can also export all displayed data in to an Excel table for reporting purposes.


With above described options you have:

  • full control of who is a member of your Enterprise site (if auto-approve option is disabled → if you want this disabled and are not sure how it is currently set up, please contact us via support ticket)
  • full control over projects that are submitted (either by forcing to submit projects for approval or by giving permission to certain staff members to make their own purchases via PO)
  • insight into open POs and possibility to request creation of new POs
  • complete overview over all projects and transactions
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