In-Country Review - Instruction for Reviewers

The Lionbridge onDemand translation service now supports an optional “in-country review” step where draft deliverables are available for review before the final project is delivered. As an in-country reviewer, you may be selected to review drafts (called reviewables) in your preferred language(s).

Review assignments are made by the project purchaser either by adding your email address to the reviewer list when the project is purchased or by forwarding you the email when the reviewables are ready. It is up to you to submit your feedback within the review period. Depending on how the project was configured, late reviews will either cause the final project to be delivered late or will not be accepted.


Receiving a Review Assignment

When a project is ready for your review, you will receive an email from onDemand. It contains information about the review period and links to each of the languages that need to be reviewed. You only need to click on the link(s) for the languages that you are responsible for.


Reviewing a Project

When you click through on a review link, you will be presented with a page where you can download the drafts and uploaded edited files. If the review period has already closed (because the deadline has passed or another reviewer already submitted feedback), the page will tell you that reviews are no longer being accepted.

On the review page, you can download a zip file containing all of the review files for the selected language. To provide feedback, you can edit the files according to the instructions on the page. For example, you may be asked to annotate a PDF file or edit a Word document. In case of editing a Word document, make sure to have the Track Changes feature turned off.

Once you are done editing your files, you can upload them on this page. Be sure not to change the names of the files. Only upload files that have edits. If you do not have any edits, you don’t have to upload any files.

When you are done with your review, enter your email address to “sign your work” and click the “submit feedback” button. Please do this even if you have not uploaded a reviewed file (e.g. due to no need for changes) so that we know the review has been completed. Once you do this, our team can resume work on the project.

If you have any remaining questions on this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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