In-Country Review - Instruction for Purchasers

Some of the Lionbridge onDemand services support an “in-country review” option where intermediate deliverables (called “reviewables”) are sent out to collect your feedback before the project is complete. This document serves as a quick guide for using the in-country review feature.

Purchasing an In-Country Review Project

When purchasing a service that supports in-country review, the options page will have additional options to control the in-country review process. These options are:

  • Wait for reviews: If checked, our team will wait for reviews after the review window is closed. A late review will cause the final deliverable for that language to be late. If the box is unchecked, feedback will not be accepted after the review deadline. This will ensure that all of the final translations are delivered on time.
  • Receive status notifications: If checked, you will receive several notifications as the review window passes by. Untick this box if you do not want these notifications. You can still check on the review progress under "Your Projects".
  • Reviewer emails: If you know who will be performing the review at the time of purchase, you can enter a comma-separated list of email addresses in this field. Otherwise, you can always forward the review-ready email when you receive it. Reviewers do not need to have Lionbridge onDemand accounts in our system. Anyone with the link to the review page can do the review until the review period is closed.


Managing Reviews

As the purchaser, you are responsible for making sure that your reviewers get their reviews done. The review process starts when the review ready-email is sent to you and the reviewers you have selected when you purchased the project. If you learn that some of your regular reviewers are not available, you can forward this email to other reviewers.


The review-ready email contains links to review pages where the reviewables can be downloaded and feedback files can be uploaded.

Throughout the process, you will get emails with updates on which reviews have been received and which ones are outstanding. You can also go to the “Your Projects” page to see the status of your project. The reviews that are late, are highlighted in red.


To get more detail, you can visit the project detail page by clicking on any project in the "Your Projects" list view. The project detail page will indicate which reviews have been received (when the Review Page button is displayed) and which languages are already fully completed (when also the Download Files button is displayed). Reviews that were received late will be highlighted in red.


When each language review is received, our team will resume work incorporating feedback and completing the translation. After the project is complete, you will still be able to view the drafts and feedback files on the review page.


If you want your reviewers to understand their part of the process better, you can refer them to our article on In-Country Review - Instructions for Reviewers. If there is any open questions on the in-country review process, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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