Is onDemand a secure website?

At Lionbridge, we take data security and customer privacy very seriously.  To that end, we have built Lionbridge onDemand with security in mind:

Data Center Security

  • The onDemand data center has been certified to comply with the major security standards (including  ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and PCI).
  • Access to servers and services is tightly restricted and uses strong authentication techniques such as public/private keys, 2 factor authentication, and a bastion server.
  • The production servers are continuously monitored by ThreatStack for any abnormal activities.
  • Payment processing is handled by PCI-compliant BrainTree and PayPal.

Application Security

  • Lionbridge onDemand is built on top of the highly secure Django Web Application framework and development follows best practices around security to prevent vulnerabilities such as cross-site-scripting and SQL injection.
  • The application follows a three tiered architecture with network access restriction between each tier.  
  • Passwords are encrypted in the database.
  • We are able to configure the password strength rules for enterprise sites to comply with customer requirements.
  • All transmission of data is encrypted using AES_128_GCM encryption.
  • Customer content is purged after 60 days.
  • Customer content is scanned for viruses before and after translation.
  • The onDemand application is regularly tested by a third party security firm.
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