What Makes a Good Support Request

The support team tries to resolve issues as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  The information that you provide in your support request has a huge impact on how effective we are.  The Submitting a Support Request article gives a full explanation of tickets and the various fields.  This article is meant to be a quick checklist of what to put in your tickets to maximize efficiency for technical queries:

  1. See if you can reliably replicate the issue. It is extremely helpful for us to know if the behavior happens all of the time or some of the time.  
  2. If the issue is related to a file that you are trying to upload, attach the file to the ticket. This will help us reproduce the issue.
  3. If the support request refers to a specific project or quote, include the project/quote ID.  This will appear on the page or in the URL after the word project like /project/80881/options.
  4. Screenshots are helpful when they include the URL bar of your browser. The URL of the page you are on is highly significant.  If you can't submit a screenshot, just pasting the URL will be helpful.
  5. Make sure to set the "Priority" field appropriately. When you set the priority to Urgent, your request will go to the systems team who are great at fixing broken software and hardware but know nothing about your project or account.
  6. Add as much context as possible.  Describe your actions leading up to the issue.  Tell us about what browser you were using.  If your issue is about a translation attach the translated file and tell us what you think is wrong with it.

By following these 6 rules, you will get your issues resolved much more quickly.

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