Lionbridge onDemand API Overview

Welcome to the Lionbridge onDemand API Developer Program.  This article will give you a quick overview of how the API works and where to learn more.  

Project Lifecycle

The overall workflow of creating and retrieving projects through the API can be summarized in the following diagram. 

For a detailed explanation of each of the steps, please see the API Docs.


API Keys

All requests to the API must be signed using a set of API keys.  Typically, you will have one master set of keys for doing things like creating accounts for your users and manage a set of API keys for each of your users.  This will allow the onDemand API to handle things like payment and access control.  Information about obtaining API keys can be found here.  


A key benefit of integrating with the Lionbridge onDemand API is that it gives you access to many different services.  At Lionbridge, we define a service as a set of processes that we can execute for you.  We have services for different quality levels (ranging from raw machine translation to professional translation by domain specialists).  We also have content-specific services. For example, we can subtitle your videos. We can also clean up your CRM data.  We are continually adding to our menu of services and any service that we support on the onDemand website can potentially be used through the API.  If you have any particular needs, please let our sales team know.

Developer Sandbox

To make it easier to develop your integration with Lionbridge onDemand, you can get an account on the Developer Sandbox site.  Here you can create test users and test projects and pay for with a sandbox PayPal account. The services available on the sandbox site all have a rapid turn around time to make your development and testing as efficient as possible.

Enterprise Accounts

Lionbridge onDemand supports Enterprise Accounts where we can define services and payment options that meet your needs.  If are interested in learning more about enterprise accounts contact us.



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