How do I contact onDemand Support?

If you can’t submit a ticket through the online ticket form available under this url or you cannot solve the question through one of the articles available in the Support Section in the upper right-hand corner of the site:

then you can submit a support request directly through e-mail.

If you require support send a message to

It is crucial that you include in the e-mail subject the urgency of the request (Urgent, High, Normal or Low) and the category of the request.

The body of the e-mail should include as much detail as possible. The support team might require additional information from you before being able to help with the request, so it’s good to answer some of the possible questions upfront. What exactly happened? How did it happen? What is your computer environment? URL to the issue? Job title? What time did it happen? Can you attach a screenshot? What file did you have problems with?

Read more about Submitting a Support Request.

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