Submitting a Support Request

If you are experiencing issues with onDemand, you can search the Support Center to find an answer, or you can submit a support ticket for our team to resolve. Please follow these guidelines when submitting a ticket.

  • Fill in your email address so that we can easily communicate with you regarding your request. Please make sure your email is filled in correctly. 
  • Select the support category for your ticket. Below is an explanation of categories so you may make the appropriate decision:
    • API Integration Support - Support for users who are in the process of integrating their technology with our onDemand API. 
    • Pricing/Billing - Questions or Problems with pricing or billing information. This category can also be used for questions regarding general account information. 
    • Language Quality - Support for the quality of the language on our onDemand websites.
    • Lost/Delayed Projects - Support for a transaction you have submitted to onDemand that you feel may be lost or delayed. 
    • Project Cancellation - Support for canceling a project you created in onDemand.
    • Site/API Outage - Support for users who want to report that they are unable to log onto the onDemand site (or for API-integrated users who cannot successfully make a call through the API connection).
    • Website Help - Support for technical difficulties using the onDemand website. This includes things like: problems with checkout, problems uploading or retrieving documents, etc.
  • Fill in an appropriate description for your request. Please make sure you provide the support team with as much detail as possible. Details could include (but are not limited to):
    • Steps to reproduce the error
    • URL where error is occurring (if applicable)
    • Job Title (if request is regarding lost/delayed transaction or billing)
    • Time your error happened
  • Select your urgency. Descriptions of each urgency level are listed below:
    • Urgent - The issue you are reporting is blocking you from using the site entirely. Examples of urgent requests could be: site outages, errors in checkout, or API functionality not working. 
    • High - This issues is not preventing you from using onDemand, but you would like it to be looked at quickly.
    • Normal - This issue is a smaller problem related to display or design of the onDemand site. 
    • Low - This issue is more of a suggestion or very minor issue you are experiencing with onDemand. 
  • * If you select Urgent as your urgency level, onDemand support has the right to review your  request to determine whether or not the issue meets our standard of 'urgent'.
  • Fill in your Job ID (if applicable) to help us identify you and better assist your needs. 
  • Upload attachments (if necessary) that will help us identify your error. Some examples of helpful attachments could be: a billing statement or screenshots of an error you are experiencing.
  • Click submit

After you have submitted a support request, you can expect the following wait time for requests depending on their level of urgency:


Urgent - A representative will be alerted immediately and your request will be worked on (once determined urgent) right away. You will get an email confirmation that your request is being looked at within 30 minutes of submission. We will work to resolve your issue as soon as we can. 

High - You will receive notification that your request is being worked on within 6 hours of submission. 

Normal - You will receive notification that your request is being worked on within 12 hours of submission. 

Low - Depending on the type of request, you will be notified that your request has either been resolved, or added to our feature list, within 24 hours of submission. 

You can also start a live chat with one of our Support Specialists, using the “Chat now!” window, appearing on the right side of the onDemand website:




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