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While we always try to achieve a high level of quality, there are some jobs where we absolutely cannot afford to have a quality issue. For these jobs, it is worth spending additional time and effort to make sure the deliveries are defect free. The new “quality risk” feature introduces logic to decide which jobs should get special attention and tells TMS about these jobs when creating them. After that, it is up to the TMS workflows to use the quality risk tag when deciding whether to do or skip quality control tasks.

How Quality Risk is Determined

There are two methods for determining quality risk: explicit or by algorithm.  

The explicit method is by setting the quality risk flag on the organization to true. When this is done, all new projects under that organization will be flagged as a quality risk until the setting is changed back to false. We should use this option very sparingly; probably only for customers that have recently threatened to leave us.

The algorithm method uses the recent project history to determine quality risk. Quality risk on the job is set to true if any of the following criteria are met.

  • It is the buyer’s first job.
  • The buyer has reported a quality issue (score of 2 or lower on the ratings feature) in any of his/her last three projects.
  • The organization has the quality risk flag set to true.


How Quality Risk Jobs are Flagged

Quality risk is passed to TMS as custom metadata on the job. The metadata name is "quality-risk.”  Quality risk can only be set when the job is created in TMS.


How Quality Risk is Used

TMS scripts can use the quality risk value (“true” or “false”) in logic that skips steps. For example, a workflow could be configured with logic that skips an additional review step if quality risk is false. TMS users can also see the quality risk value on the custom metadata tab of the Job. We have plans to make these metadata more visible to workers.

Quality risk information is also exposed through Job Admin API so we can do BI reporting on how well we performed on quality risk jobs.

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